Big Oil Wanted Changes To Worker Safety Rule. Emails Show Top Trump Official ‘Agreed.’

Newly released documents highlight the degree to which industry has shaped the rules that police it under the Trump administration. Read More

Why Uncertainty Feels So Terrifying, And How To Cope With It

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a lot of anxiety over what we can't control. These methods can help ease the stress. Read More

Trump Uses SpaceX Launch To Criticize Protesting 'Thugs' And 'Angry Mobs'

He threatened protesters, saying that "mob violence" would be stopped "cold." Read More

MLMs Are Using Coronavirus Anxiety To Exploit The Quarantined And Unemployed

Multi-level marketing reps are pushing unsubstantiated health and earnings claims to make sales and recruit new sellers during the pandemic. Read More

Jason Chaffetz Finds His COVID-19 Calling

The ex-Utah congressman, who in 2017 proposed selling off 3 million acres of public land, is on a mission to ensure people can flood...

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Are you able to catch the coronavirus from a swimming pool?

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Fb removes almost 200 accounts tied to hate teams

Source Fb has eliminated almost 200 social media accounts linked to white supremacy teams that deliberate to encourage members to attend protests over police killings...

Tropical Storm Cristobal advances towards US Gulf Coast

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Gov. Cuomo creates user-unfriendly ‘Reopening New York Metropolis’ on-line information

Source As if re-opening after being shut down for months by a pandemic wasn’t tough sufficient, the governor’s workplace has created a clunky on-line information...